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Delivering Consultancy Services throughout Business Lifecycle with Cost Convenience, Long-Term Benefits & Real-Time Assistance

Being a consultant for startups is not just about guiding them at the first stage of setting up a business, but all throughout their lifecycle. Very few consultancies perceive this as a responsibility and stand as the backbone of startups at every stage of their business. Thanks to Us, the most reliable partner of emerging startups that helps companies right from incorporating their business, providing them legal & statutory compliances to developing software for them, throughout their business lifecycle with cost convenience and long-term benefits. In fact, We have designed and implemented Systemised Operated Procedures(SOP)for startups to run their business.

With a deep-rooted motto of helping people in easily starting and growing their businesses, an online business services platform. We also take regular follow-ups from clients in order to analyze the Substance of their business and enrolls them into mentorship programs, which can connect them to dedicated experts(like virtual CFOs) in case of problems or downfalls. Update them strategically on the unfolding industry trends & opportunities & changes in regulatory compliances, and also propel their businesses towards the path of prosperity.

Our core strength lies in the way we deal with our startup clients, especially in providing them real-time assistance wherein all their issues are ensured to be sorted on a real-time basis, round the clock.

Why us ?

1. Alignment

Alignment of the values and ethics of a business is essential both with the internal behaviour of the employees and externally with business partners.

In other words, a franchise system, consistency in values, ethics and behaviours are important and help define the system.

2. Commitment

It is necessary to build a long-term business relationship as it provides a solid basis for trust between parties. Successful relationships are built and flourish by an investment in effort.

Commitment is about focusing on common, long-term goals and intentions rather than one-off transactions or short-term goals. Building trust by delivering on promises, and communicating intentions openly and honestly.

3. Mutual interest

The mutual interest of franchisee and franchisor is a key characteristic of a franchise relationship, but may not be so apparent in other business relationships.

Therefore we adopt a collaborative approach to problem-solving to achieve common interests.

4. Communication

Communications must be clear, transparent and frequent to ensure that everyone fully understands the other’s position, obligations are met and any issues or problems are raised early. Poor communication is one of the most common reasons for the breakdown in relationships. Therefore businesses need to communicate with each other in a way that is relevant, comprehensive and timely.

Clarity with our business partners and how they communicate with us. Regular face to face communication is undertaken wherever possible, as other (particularly electronic) means of communication can lead to unintended interpretations and consequences.

5. Accountability and responsibility

Business partners need to agree and be clear on their respective obligations and responsibilities. And be accountable to them at all times. Clear, written agreements and contracts can avoid uncertainty and mismatched expectations. Where problems do arise. hence, we are prepared to inform the other party immediately to attempt to work collaboratively to address the problem.

We make sure to understand obligations and responsibility. Take accountability for our mistakes as well as our successes.

6. Professional conduct

Conducting yourself professionally should be a prerequisite for any business relationship, no matter the size or sophistication of the business. This includes both the way we personally interact with the other business person, as well as how we conduct our business.

We treat others as we would expect them to treat us. And meet our obligations.

We Show professional business conduct by having a robust, well-researched business plan, with input from relevant professional advisers.

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