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Professional Fees Flat Rs 4999/-


    Step 1
    Collection of Documents
    Step 2
    Issuance of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
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    Step 3
    Application for Name Approval
    Step 4
    Preparation and Submission of Incorporation Documents
    Step 5
    Approval of Incorporation of Company


    Identity Proofs

    PAN, Aadhar/Passport, Photograph

    Address Proof for Company

    Utility Bill of the Place of Business (Not older than 2 months)
    Rent Agreement/NOC for allowing usage of the place

    Address Proofs for Directors/ Shareholders

    Bank Statement/Utility Bill of Residential Address

    Advantages of Private Limited Company

    A separate and distinct legal structure

    Such entities provide distinction between ownership and function. It creates a separate legal structure both in terms of taxation and liability. Moreover it also allows for outside funding and employee stock options. The shareholders of the company can be changed without affecting the operation of the company.

    Borrowing Capacity

    The company can issue debentures and convertible debentures. It can also accept deposits from the public and enjoys different and good avenues for borrowing. Banking and financial institutions prefer this type of entity for larger lending over other entities

    Limited Liability

    The liability of the owners is limited to the extent of their share capital in the company.

    Transferability of shares is fairly easy and simple

    The process of buying and selling of shares is fairly simplified in comparison to that of other entities. It creates easy option for owner to exit from the company in future


    A private limited company is essentially a company or organisation that has a private ownership. This means that the shares of the company are held privately and cannot be bought by the general public. A private limited company is usually an ideal entity for small businesses where owners pay a share capital to subscribe to their shares in the company.

    Any two or more Individuals who have a valid PAN and Address Proof, along with a proposed office space/premises for the company can register for a private limited company. A private limited company requires a minimum of two directors and shareholders. Foreign citizen can also be directors in the company provided it has minimum 1 resident Indian as director and share holder.

    A share certificate is essentially a legal proof of ownership of shares or stocks of the company. Also called the stock certificate, it is signed on behalf of the company.

    Director Identification number (DIN) is a unique number that is issued to the director of a Company. Having a DIN is necessary to be able to be a Director of a company. For new directors, it gets issued once the company is incorporated. DIN once issue remains permanently for the director. It can only be surrendered if he/she has never been appointed as a director in any company during the lifetime

    There must be a minimum of two directors and two shareholders in a private limited company. It is possible to have the same directors as the shareholders. A private limited company can have upto 15 directors and 200 shareholders respectively.