ROC Annual Returns

Starting at Rs 1499/-


    Private Limited Company

    Audited Financials of the Company
    Director Report duly Signed
    Audit Report by a Practicing CA
    MOA of the Company
    Auditor Details (ADT-1)
    Digital Signature Certificate

    Limited Liability Partnership

    PAN of the Entity
    Certificate of Incorporation
    Partnership Deed
    Audit Report ( if turnover exceeded 40 lacs in FY)


    • All those goods supplying business ventures who have an annual turnover that exceeds ₹ 40 lakh in a financial year need to register themselves as a normal taxable entity. Kindly note that this threshold is ₹20 lakh for Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and North eastern states of India.
    • All those service providers whose annual turnover exceeds ₹20 lakh in a financial year are required to register for the GST as a normal taxable entity. For the special category states i.e. Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and North eastern states, the annual turnover limit is ₹10 lakh.

    Every year, Private Limited Company has to file AOC-4 within 30 days of the AGM. Moreover MGT 7 has to be filed within 60 days of the AGM. Delay in the forms will cause a late fee of Rs 100 per day

    The due date for Form 11 of LLP is 31st May every year. The other Form 8 has to be filed before 30th October every year. Delay in these forms will again lead to a late fee of Rs 100 per day.

    No. As per companies act, you can file Annual Returns for consolidated  15 months in your first year. If you have incorporated company in Jan'20, you can file your annual returns for 15 months till Mar'21 together. It means the annual returns due date will be around Oct'21.

    ADT 1 is the form for auditor appointment in the private limited company. The first auditor has to be appointed within 30 days of the incorporation. And the subsequent auditors have to be filed within 15 days of the AGM. 

    If a company doesn't file is Annual Returns for 3 consecutive years, the company will be strike off by the ROC from its registers. The default will also lead to disqualification of Directors for 5 continuous years.

    One Person Company also has to file the annual returns (AOC -4 and MGT-7) every year. The due date for the form is 180 days from the end of the financial year. So, the eventual dates for AOC 4 is 30th September and for MGT 7 is 30 October.